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It’s Here. Tom Dixon Lighting has landed into the world of Designer Lighting Company and we are beyond excited!

That wow factor you’ve been waiting for has arrived! And what a time it is for lighting.

In this blog we will show you previews of our featured collections and invite you to imagine your home or hospitality venue in a new light.


“Light is the magical ingredient that makes or breaks a space; it’s the most important elements in all my interiors “Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz”

All rooms need light. So what will you choose? We are here to help you transform the feeling and experience of a room.

We’re champions of the everyday, curating your own space is one way to help make life a bit more beautiful and relaxing, and that’s what we all want right?

Out of This World Aesthetics

We love design here at Designer Lighting Company and are amazed at how imagination is crystallised in these incredible designs.

For us, we think they stretch the imagination to invisible realms of reality. Hardly surprising why, they are so satisfying to behold.

Immersive designs which invite you to behold complexities of the universe on a micro scale.

Making visible what is not usually within our reach of perception. Achieving the impossible, in an out of this world aesthetic.

The Melt Curation

A form inspired by molten glass is quite the chameleon! When off it has a metallic surface and when you turn on the lights reflections dance around the melted orb.

Illuminating a world of light usually hidden from view like peering into the surface of the sun or hidden universes and galaxies.

Available in Copper, Gold and Chrome metals.

Copper Melt Pendant Light

Do you like this organic aesthetic? You love the architecture of Gaudi perhaps?

Or is a more precise geometry more pleasing to your eye? Symmetrical formations poised perfectly in space.

Tom Dixon TOP Silver Ceiling Pendant Light

At Designer Lighting Company we are always amazed to see how lighting designs have progressed and wonder what it takes to create something so innovative? So we now take a look at the man himself….


Tom Dixon Lights break boundaries, inspired by looking at new ways to interpret simple geometric shapes and create something never seen or made before.

“There’s a lot of superfluous, you have to balance the temptation to add the bells and whistles with trying to produce something that is significantly different to what’s out there” …….

“In a harmonious arrangement of basic shapes” Tom Dixon official

ETCH Trio Pendant Light in Brass – Geodesic Shapes Tom Dixon

The Etch curation has a geometric style and is made with the same metallic process used to filter coffee. Here it is cleverly re interpreted to filter light. Available in Brass, Black and Silvery Steel for a super contemporary look. Enhancing the internal architecture of rooms so often made square or rectangular.

Lighting is a key dimension of interior design

Interior designers appreciate lighting as the key element to a room’s atmosphere.

Here at Designer Lighting Company we look at how Tom Dixon Lighting offers a magic to a space, changing its identity and internal architecture.

Offering personality and ambience, enhanced experience and emotions.

Tom Dixon Lighting collections consider context as key. What do you want the experience of being in the room? Is it where you eat? Sleep and rest? relax and hang out with friends?

Shown here the Plane Chandelier and Plane Wall Light. A versatile wall light for use on ceilings too, or bathroom walls. A quiet elegance and gentle opulence to grace your homes and hotels with designer lighting style.

A Story of Creativity

Tom Dixon started life as a musician and would weld metal on stage in performances like Top of the Pops.

After an accident he focused more on making objects that are beautiful and practical, and the rest is history.

Tom Dixon is a pioneering, self-taught, award winning British designer, receiving an OBE in 2010 for Services to British design.

Winner of The Elle Decoration British design awards (2019), The London Design Medal (2019). Exhibits in the museum at the Modern Museum of Art (Manhattan) with collections at the Victoria and Albert Museum and Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris (wiki source). 

Visual Landscapes

A strong global presence in top design cities such as New York and Tokyo and a design research studio based in fashionable Portobello, London.

An impressive portfolio of innovative work and collaborations that changes the visual landscape, narrative and identity of a space.

The CUT Curation

Pictured above is the CUT in Gold. A trio pendant system light where gem like shapes suspend from a single canopy. Pictured on the right is the Cut Gold Wall Light. Which can be used as a flush ceiling light or wall light.

When off a metallic gold, mirrored surface and when illuminated unveils a world of dynamic light reflections. A mesmeric lighting look like a kaleidoscope of eye catching gold rippling light.

Mesmeric Reflections

Here is the CUT Chrome Ceiling Pendants and Cut Chrome wall lights. And there metamorphosis…………

Cut Pendant Light and wall light in chrome. When illuminated this happens and it’s quite incredible.

Mirror Mirror On the Wall

Gold Mirror Ball Pendant Light

Here is the Mirror Ball Ceiling pendant Light in Gold.

An iconic range within Tom Dixon Lighting is the Mirror Ball pendants.

A perfect gold mirror finish is achieved through advanced metallisation process.

Inspired by space helmets and disco balls.

Bold geometry completes a space and balances linearity.

An immersive reflective surface takes on a mirror image of its surroundings. Very much like avant-garde contemporary art, such as the work of Jeff Koons.

Mirror Ball Pendant Light

Showcasing a fusion of architectural, engineered sculptures. Placing lighting in the artistic spotlight.

Perfect for gracing stylish Avant Garde designer homes and in hospitality and large-scale venues, such as hotels and restaurants.

“I’ll do a shift in a restaurant every couple of weeks and that should teach me about food and how things should be designed” Tom Dixon.  

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