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We are about to show you our top 5 Ebb and Flow lighting styles.

At Designer Lighting Company we have a beautiful collection of glass lighting. Inspired, mouth blown glass lights by Nordic-British Designers, Ebb and Flow.

Here you can find inspiration.

Lighting makes or breaks

Lighting can make or break. There’s no doubt about it. So, in a crowded and competitive market …..Which lighting should you choose for your luxury homes?

Taking inspiration from the beautiful palettes and materials of nature in an original blend of British and Nordic style influences.

What is the best designer glass lighting for hotels and restaurants? What are the best designer glass lights?

Ebb and Flow lights will not disappoint. We’ll give you exclusive peeks into hospitality interior projects. Featuring world class glass, award winning designs.

First, it’s our pleasure to introduce the beautiful Lute…..

5. The Lute – Glass Pendant Lights

Home Project by Euroart, Belgium

Home Project by Euroart, Belgium ,

Anne-Mette Hansen, Ebb and Flow Lighting

Lute is an award winning pendant light. “The beautifully shaped design together with a combination of tinted glass and metal. Makes these luminaries a timelessly elegant eye catcher”.

German Design Award Special 2019.

La Pizzza in Genk Belgium by Interior S Interieur
Anne-Mette Hansen Ebb and Flow Lighting

Home Project by Euroart, Belgium

Shown above a tinted grey glass Lute Pendant light. Arranged in a collection at various heights.

A mouth blown glass teardrop shape pendant with top platinum accent.

Sunlight on Water

Like sunlight reflecting from droplets of water is the kind of light you see here. Glimmering on the smooth glass surface with brilliance.

Shown here in a fresh, yet rustic design. Presented above a low, wooden table with sumptuous blue velvet textures and art.

A classic Scandinavian, calm setting is quite simply, exceptional.

Choose glass lighting with tinted colour palettes and the light. Top Experience the joys of reflected light, a magical quality.

4. The Futura – Glass Pendant Lights

Project: Shade of Honey, Kyiv Ukraine (2018)

Interior Design: Architect; Natalia Oleksienko “Evolutionary Architecture”

Photography: Andrey Adveenko
Anne-Mette Hansen , Ebb and Flow Lighting

Chic and elegant, this pendant light is named Futura.

Metallic gold accentuates the centre. Cleverly saving space by bedsides and setting the scene for tranquil ambience.

In a lilac and mauve the bedroom, the room has colour, but it is not overpowering.

Tranquil Ambience

Tinted glass lighting adds a subtle colour and refreshing illumination.

We have so many glass colours for you to choose

  • Obsidian glass
  • Rust orange glass
  • Topaz and deep blue glass
  • Forest green glass
  • Smokey grey glass
  • Golden smoke glass
  • Chestnut brown glass
  • ….. and more

All featuring metallic centre accents in platinum, gold or obsidian.

Isola la Cantine Litteraire – Paris 11eme from Anne-Mette Hansen, Ebb and Flow Lighting.

Isola la Cantine Litteraire – Paris 11eme from Anne-Mette Hansen, Ebb and Flow Lighting.

Here, the Futura glass pendant light in forest green is the perfect choice to entice and invite customers with luxurious green glass lighting looks.

Taking advantage of glass’ natural reflective nature. They make an eye catching window display. Or you can use mirrors too.

A translucency in natural glass does not obstruct space. A great choice if you want to keep your space open and airy.

The shape is dreamlike, with lustrous surface like no other for light. A refreshing and vital colour palette, gently tinted forest green.

Runt Hørnet and Invito Sweden by Rihab
Anne-Mette Hansen Ebb and Flow

Pictured above Blue Futura pendant light placed by the window reflects light beautifully.

While adding depth of enchanting blue glass to a setting. Balanced glassware at the Bar, who wouldn’t want to spend time hanging out here?

Marble table tops and exposed wood adds to natural elements which is the way things are moving towards in the world of design.

“Pushing the boat out is a must!”

If you’re in the business of hospitality, you’ll know. People are looking for luxurious settings, so pushing the boat out is a must!

Don’t worry, we’re here to help inspire your space. Your guests will be coming back time and time again.

Hotel Ginkgo in Quimper City France,
Anne-Mette Hansen, Ebb and Flow Lighting

Futura has a natural flow form, like a river running through the landscape. An intrinsic design that will never go out of fashion.

Radisson Blu Hotel Aalborg
Anne-Mette Hansen Ebb and Flow

Green glass future offers a refreshing colour palette.

A lustrous green glass surface has a translucency which does not obstruct space.

Adding to a fresh, crisp interior style. Hotels always need to look clean and with glass this is made easy.

3. The Rowan – Tinted Glass Pendant Lighting

The Brownie Store Volograd, Russia. Designers: Enjoy Home from Arnette-Mette Hansen, Ebb and Flow.

A rounded glass pendant light named Rowan.

Gently tinted obsidian glass is the perfect lighting to eat and drink besides. The obsidian glass exudes a subtle femininity and elegant softness.

Java Cafe-Salon
Interior Decorator E Elle Diebold

Anne-Mette Hansen Ebb and Flow

2. Smykke Crystal Pendant Lights

25 Hours Hotel Minus Nord, Paris Anne-Mette Hansen Ebb and Flow Lighting

Smykke, pictured here in a chic Parisian hotel, named above.

Smykke is the danish word for jewellery. Portrayed by its elegant, drop shape and fine detail. Cut crystal is perfect for over table lighting.

The intricate, embossed crystal captures light in a myriad of ways throughout the day through to evening.

Lighting has been described as jewellery for the home and this is a fine example.

We have coordinating Smykke wall lights too, in so many variations for you to choose.

Smykke won a German Design Award in 2019 and the jury said….

“This exceptional product integrates the feel and jewellery into an opulent design. Whose combination of gold, silver and crystal creates an extremely exclusive and extravagant impression that’s enhanced by the reflection of light”.

1. Horizon – Wide Ceiling Pendant Light

Aux Cadrans Gare de Lyon Paris-Arch Emma Roux
Anne-Mette Hansen Ebb and Flow Lighting

Restaurant Ajla Dublin A Kevin Kelly Interiors Project
Anne-Mette Hansen Ebb and Flow Lighting

Chameleon Pendant Light, Pool Blue, Toast, Ruby Red and Angry Sea.

Vibrant and Energising Coloured Glass

Some of the newest vibrant and energising colour palettes from ebb and Flow. Also available in the rounded Rowan Style. There are 3 size variations too. Looking great of course in combinations.

Horizon is inspired by the rising and setting sun, its shape is universally appealing with a timeless style.

Supplied with 2 metres of cable you can adjust the height as desired on installation.

Here at Designer Lighting Company we have the best selection of glass lighting styles. We hope you’ve found your favourite?!

We’d love to hear what you think.

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