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There’s something so undoubtedly cool and fun about retro style and no retro style room is complete without retro lighting. All our designer retro lights can be found here: Retro Lighting.

“There is no such thing as a new idea. It is impossible. We simply take a lot of old ideas and put them into a sort of mental kaleidoscope……… they are the same old pieces of coloured glass that have been used through all the ages.” Mark Twain

Sputnik Twin Wall Light Bespoke Options Available Pictured in Firefly Orange

Here we are, 2020. We hear about the rise in home robots, 3D printing and self driving cars. In this zeitgeist, we ask, is retro lighting here to stay? Is interior style apace with technology? Or does it develop at a different rate?

Rubens Pendant Light in Satin Brushed Gold Effect Finish

Retro Lighting: Evolution

So, whats the big appeal with retro? Retro is thought to be somewhere between 40’s and the 70’s. However the idea of taking inspiration from the past is not new. Iconic designers, such as William Morris, took inspiration from elements of Baroque and Rococo designs.

Style Rebellion

I think there’s a rebellious streak in retro styles. A rejection of the present in favour of styles gone by. You can make them yours again in your own way. A reinvention. When people aren’t all too content with the present perhaps they go back? And in uncertain times we see a resurgence in retro lighting styles.

We see it in interior design trends, furniture designs, lighting, fabrics and fashion. Robbie Williams, is recording his new album on tape. A nostalgia for old films, video games, cameras, antiques and vinyl. There’s high value in them. A narrative.

Do you find yourself liking what is familiar to you? I suppose it’s human nature so to speak. Once we’re exposed to something, which can be as menial as a set of letters in another language, we tend to have a preference for it, over something we haven’t seen before. Same is true for more meaningful things, like faces, paintings or music. Studies have shown and proverbs do tell.

A familiar face, or, your favourite place as a child? Familiarity and liking are closely related. I suppose there is comfort in the familiar. You’ve seen it before. You recognise. Understand.

Faux Nostalgia Trend

Interior designers are in the job of enhancing emotions, feelings, nostalgia, some describe it of a space. Promoting feelings of comport and familiarity. There’s a new trend named “faux nostalgia”. Which is seeing people feeling nostalgia for times they never experienced.

We see new radio designs made in the style of 40’s and 60’s though not produced then, that emulate the pastel colour palettes and shapes of retro era’s. It’s a trend big in design everywhere. What about the popularity of series “stranger things”, though not made in the 80’s has been cleverly created to look as though it were. That 70’s show is another example, some may remember? Hipster’s wearing lumberjack shirts in London……. perhaps.

Retro lighting styles designed today are re imagined, readopted and evolving. Timeless style that will never go out of fashion.

Strong Designs with Fresh Interpretations

How do you keep interiors fresh? Exciting? What about introducing novelty into the familiar?

Well, retro lighting styles re-imagined for today’s interiors have this exact magical quality. Trusted, strong designs that stand the test of time with a fresh interpretation, be that a different finish, colour or interpretation.

You can play with interior schemes and go for retro lighting touches or a full blown look!

Ardle metal Bright Orange Frilled Shade with Vintage Filament bulb
Ardle pendant light in Bright retro orange with vintage filament bulb

We think this evolution is the secret. Keeping the core elements of classic designs and having fun with adapting them for today so they become something new.

Bright Yellow Lighting

taxi cab yellow lighting fun retro style lighting collection

We love the brightness of what we call taxi cab yellow. Industrial style design in up to date, smooth, slick, painted finishes. Pictured above:

1. The Ardle modern factory pendant light in powder coated yellow. Inspired by factory style pendants, featuring fun colour pops to interiors (other bright colours available in this style too, which look great in combination). Featuring a frilled shade made with aluminium and steel.

2. The London table light boasts a classic retro design with contemporary chrome finish and strong and simple lines. Place in a contemporary or traditional style apartment for a super cool lighting look.

3. Raze vintage style yellow frame pendant light. Great for a soft exposed bulb look. Adding detail and intrigue to any space. We have vibrant red and sage green which look amazing together for an eclectic look.

Bright Red Lighting

retro bright red designer collection lighting

1. Retro Red floor lamp by Faro. Available with matching wall light and table lamp.

2.Lome wall light in Red by Monaghan oozes industrial charm with a freshness and vibrancy. You can pivot to best suit your space.

3.Hex factory industrial wall light combines industrial, retro and contemporary minimal styles.

Retro colours are making a big comeback!

Below, we have a selection of our favourite retro colour palette, olive green. As times are more environmentally aware, we predict it’s actually green that is colour of the year. Do you agree?

Olive green retro designer lighting collection

  1. Task Short Wall Light in Olive Green. Designed and made by the reputable Original BTC. Featuring an adjustable head in a beautiful retro olive green colour palette.

2.Titan Size 1 olive green pendant light is based on a 1940’s design. Solid and practical with beautiful stamp detailing and modern metallic.

3.Retro Green table Lamp by Faro. Olive green exudes a vintage charisma.

Retro-Industrial Designer Lighting

Lonn Adjustable Scissor cage Wall Light in Antique Brass (made with solid brass)

If it’s industrial retro lighting styles made for today that appeals to you, you’ll love our collection of lights by: Monaghan Lights.

Jam Jar Wall Light in Antique Brass by Monaghan Lighting

Made from an original french jam jar the beautiful glass reflects light from a vintage filament bulb housed inside.

Mid Century Modern Globe Style Lighting

We’re seeing a number of designers reinterpreting globe style mid century lighting. Paired with with beautiful, golden brass metalwork, it’s such an elegant style and palette. Perfect for bedrooms, dining rooms or lounges to add graceful lighting touches and gentle opulence. An assured lighting style, here to stay.

Oscar Globe pendant Light

Elegantly modern, yet assuredly mid century. It’s Oscar 11 light pendant. Milky opal glass and golden brass have quietly luxurious quality. Globe lighting re imagined and the result is beautiful.

Pictured above, The Oscar 6 light globe flush ceiling light is ideal for statement lighting in rooms where there’s a low ceiling height. finished in an up to date, silvery satin nickel.

Globe style designer pendant light | Opal glass shades and golden butter brass metawork
Gavroche 6 Globe style Pendant Light in Golden Butter Brass by David Hunt Lighting
Tom Dixon’s Plane Drop Chandelier a stunning, contemporary re-interpretation of classic style

Mid century Minimal Lighting

Pictured above the lovely Brianna. Part of our exclusive lighting range named Signature Untold simple mid century style with elegant, contemporary minimalism in beautiful burnished brass finish.

Here’s a sneak peak into some more below, we can’t resist! Named, Jax, a 10 light chandelier in midnight black and golden brass. A reinvention of sputnik style lights with simplicity, elegance and à la mode colour palette.

60’s Interiors inspiration

Forestier Paris‘ bamboo lighting collection has a 60’s style vibe. Ceiling pendants, floor lamps and table lamps with splashes of colour and composed of bamboo strips. They look great with mid century style furniture and bold print wallpaper.

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