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Horizon Light Designs
Ebb and Flow Look Book: Ebb and Flow Horizon Pendant in Toast & Forest Green & Golden Smoke Wall/Ceiling Light

Ebb and Flow has just won: Iconic Awards: Innovative Interior 2020 for their Horizon wall/ceiling light design. A highly prestigious award. Today, we’ll show you some new, distinctive colours in this range. We’ll take a short look at colour theory to help inspire your choices.

Expect to see a fusion of British and Nordic style, by Susanne Neilsen. Traditional design meets an air of modern simplicity and elegance. Exemplary of beauty and functionality. The beauty of basic natural materials, metal and glass is elevated with excellence.

Be inspired by award winning lighting today: Ebb and Flow at Designer Lighting Company.

Colour Theory in Design

Colour is a visual language. Evoking strong, yet unconscious effects on you and people in a space. Influencing the way you and guests feel. As you design a space you can use colours and light to set a desired ambience, mood and style.

Warm colours like oranges and reds can stimulate appetite and make a good choice for dining rooms. It’s a great choice for restaurants. This trick has been used for years to entice crowds.

Fresh tones such in blues and greens are a lovely choice for rooms with relaxation in mind. Perfect in living rooms and bedrooms.

Horizon Forest Green Wall/Ceiling Light
Horizon Wall/Ceiling Light Olive Green

Though colours can stimulate, relax, or energise. Preference is personal, feel free to express some alchemy. By mixing and combining colours for a fantastic effect.

What’s incredible is the unique colours and as glass has a smooth, translucent texture it is less saturated, as light shines through.

Horizon Modern Wall Light in Angry Sea Blue Glass & Gold
Angry Sea Rowan Wall Light, Angry Sea Rowan Pendant Light & Horizon Angry Sea Wall Light

Blue Horizon Lighting Range

Horizon Pool Blue Collections with Silver Metallic
Pool Blue Horizon Collections

The design’s smoothness is created from mouth blown glass. A silver metallic centre punctuates the design and cleverly conceals the bulb from view.

All Horizon wall/ceiling lights are available in three sizes, small 21 cm, medium 29 cm and large 36 cm. As the versatile design has a solid metal back plate, you can attach to walls or ceilings.


  • calm
  • serene
  • tranquil
  • stable
  • reliable
  • sincere

How do you see it? What does blue make you feel? It has connotations with sea and sky.

Modern Designer Glass Lighting

Horizon Wall Light Collections in Angry Sea coloured Blue Tinted Glass
Horizon Angry Sea

These beautiful colour Horizons’ are named Angry Sea by Ebb and Flow. Accentuated by a golden warm metallic middle accent. A magnetic azure blue.

Deep Red Glass Lighting

Ruby Red Glass Horizon Collection with Gold Metal
Horizon Wall/flush ceiling light and Horizon Pendant

A lovable, delicious ruby red Horizon collection. Pictured with the Horizon pendant light. Gold metal detail compliments ruby red coloured glass beautifully. Like the deepness of velvety rich red rose petals.


  • determination
  • passion
  • appetising
  • attention grabbing
  • romance
  • intensity
  • excitement
  • important (red carpet/regal).

Horizon Toast Wall, Wall/Ceiling Light & Pendant

Orange Colour Amber Glass Collection with Gold Metal

Toast colour glows like amber. The Horizon pendant light pictures above in toast is like the setting of the Sun on a Horizon which has inspired this design.


  • warm
  • rejuvenating
  • extroverted
  • sociable
  • increases appetite
  • courage
  • vitality

Perfect for kitchens and dining rooms.

Horizon Iridescent Glass Ceiling Light

Horizon Iridescent Collection with Gold and Silver Metal Options
Horizon Chameleon Wall/Ceiling Light & Wall Light

Pictured above, Horizon in iridescent glass, aptly named Chameleon.


  • Dream-like
  • relaxing
  • bubbles
  • pearl-like
  • rainbows
  • familiar
  • nostalgic
  • contemporary

The word iridescent stems from the word Iris. Meaning rainbow in Latin. A contemporary colour style. The shape shifting, iridescent hues have an enchanting, nostalgic effect. Ideal for any room where you are looking for subtle and magical ambience.

Horizon Green Glass Wall Light

Olive green glass wall light with Gold Metal
Horizon Award Winning Olive Green & Gold Flush Ceiling Wall Light & Wall Light

Here at Designer Lighting Company, we predict a rise in the popularity of green interior schemes.

It compliments foliage, wood textures and faux-fur very well. Helping to unify transitions from outdoors to indoors. It’s a flexible colour. Working well with other green varieties, as you see in nature.


  • centre of colour spectrum
  • balance
  • spring
  • refreshing
  • relaxing
  • harmony

We have an extensive collection of coloured and clear, designer glass lighting for you to discover at Designer Lighting Company: Ebb and Flow.

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