Spring Edit: Lighting

The light of spring will soon shine. You might be thinking about giving your home a refresh? That famous spring clean?

Perhaps you’re thinking about going a step further, changing darker rugs and furnishings for bright, vibrant and less heavy fabrics.

As the flowers blossom again they fill our world with colour. Do you want your home to reflect this seasonal change too?

We’re here to help inspire you give your home a spring edit. To get it ready for Spring which is just around the corner.

cleat glass and textured silver pewter table lamp with silk shade

Designer Lighting Company has a stunning, cherry picked selection of table lights for every setting.

Pictured above is the Teardrop table lamp by David Hunt Lighting. Beautiful clear glass reflects light with clarity and shine, perfect for a spring day. The top pewter accent is mottled adding delightful texture and is complete with a matching shade, all ready to go.

Treasures from natures cabinet

Nothing beats fresh flowers in your home to bring little touches of joy.

You can place cuttings of succulents and other treasures from natures cabinet by a window to absorb all that lovely sunlight.

figs and plums glass table lamp with figs and plums illustrations by Jenny Worrall

You may want to switch up deep colours for lighter tones to reflect the delicacy of spring.

Jenny Worrall Table Lamps

Pictured above is a Fig and Plums table lamp made and designed by Jenny Worrall. Figs and plums signify abundance and ripeness that arrives with the changing seasons.

These table lamps have an immaculate finish due to their glass surface. Made using a traditionally Victorian technique, called potichomania. Starting with a glass base, decoupage illustrations, then layers of paint and gold shimmer are applied internally. Some of the illustrations featured on these lamps take inspiration from the Royal Horticultural Society’s Lindley collection. Check out a few pictures of this skilled, artistic technique below.

Making a honeysuckle glass table lamp- Jenny Worrall

honeysuckle glass table lamp  the making of
honeysuckle glass table lamp in blue

Above is the Honeysuckle table lamp, a personal favourite because we had honeysuckle in our family garden growing up and it was so eye catching in spring. It has such a distinctly spring feeling for me. What about you?

Here’s the vintage yellow honeysuckle …..

honeysuckle glass table lamp in vintage mustard yellow

To make each lamp takes over 24 hours. They will add botanical beauty and light to living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms or hallways and are antiques of the future.

Complete with knife pleat silk shade in a neutral and light colour palette.

Pink and clear glass table lamps with pink or white shades

Bountiful bunches of apple and cherry blossoms in spring have a feminine pink edging that is just so magical.

Vienna glass table lamps, pictured above capture some of this magic with soft ballet pink colour palettes with touches of elegant golden brass. We have clear and pink glass bases. The distinctive shape of the base with its ribbed glass texture catches the eye and enchants. Complimenting the smooth, silk shades, as soft as a budding magnolia.

Marble Lighting

Here is Marble by Globen, one is the largest designer lighting providers in Sweden. Cool to the touch and reminiscent of a sight you’d see in Italy. Sculptures carved in marble set against a palatial Roman vista, proud figures which become silhouettes by night.

A pure white marble column evokes a fresh lighting look, perfect for spring lighting.

You can choose filament bulbs and change them throughout the year to compliment the seasons, displaying decorative filament exposed bulb lighting, a look, we’re sure is here to stay.

The white colour palette will fit in well with any interior design scheme. An essential touch, like a white highlights on a painting.

A Scandinavian cool lighting vibe. A matching minimalist white mini pendant light is available. Or we have black too if you prefer?

Marble has a timeless appeal and enhances a room’s feeling of spaciousness.

Spring Bedrooms

Your bedrooms may want a spring lighting refresh too! Changing those richer tones for lighter ones may just be the spring lift needed. Sheets in white , light and neutral tones will relax you. Your bedroom is a space just for you. It’s a place guests don’t usually go so make sure it is tranquil for you.

Pictured above a lovely bedside wall light Faro have named Le Petit. The light is concealed under the smooth white shade. The shade can be moved to reveal the LED light inside. Enhancing the versatility, for use as a bedside reading light offering directional light when required.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog!

Do get in touch with us if you need any guidance or have questions on specific lighting projects.

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