10 of the Best: Living Room Wall Lights

Wall lights add style, light and personality to your living room. We’re here to help you make your dream home a reality with our top 10 wall lighting styles below.

Have you moved house and want to make your new house home? Perhaps its your first home? When you invest so much in your home, including your time. You’ll want to get every detail right. Lighting is key to creating atmosphere and an important consideration. Largely because wall lights tend to fix to the wall, don’t worry, we will show you some that plug in too.

You’ll want to choose wall lights with enduring style that will shine in your home and add to its decoration. The best idea is to go designer. All our lights are high quality and made with attention to detail at every stage.

We spend quality time in our homes its our space we can connect in. With the ever growing popularity of services like Netflix. You might enjoy staying in just as much as going out. Occasionally, saying no to FOMO (fear of missing out) and yes to JOMO (or, Joy of missing out) can be just as fun! It’s all part of self care too. So, You’ll want that feeling of homeyness to be just right!

There are a few factors you’ll need to consider when choosing a wall light, if you’re unsure we’ve got it covered in our: Little Book of Lighting.

Best Globe Style Wall lights

Globe lights have a lunar appeal with roots in mid century design here with beautiful golden finishes for your luxurious and elegantly styled home.

Otto is a design staple and adds soft glows of light to living rooms from the glossy opal glass shade.

Plane is a versatile, high design light with bold minimal style by the iconic Tom Dixon. Created with interlocking brass plated steel and perfect spherical shade. Beauty meets function here as you can fit this lights to walls and ceilings, or in the bathroom.

Best Portable Wall Lights

Stood cherry tree light designed by Faro, Barcelona can be clipped on to shelves. Light warmly glows through the naturally beautiful and distinctive wood grain. A brilliant choice if you want a plug in style wall light.

Portable Pleat wall light is a classic design by Original BTC with a beautiful, pleated bone china shade. Held to the wall with chrome lamp holder and convenient in line rocker switch. The bone china has a natural translucency gently glowing with light, ideal for those cosy JOMO moments at home. If you do change your colour scheme this light is sure to adapt to the change. We have a medium, as shown or large. Plus, there’s no need to hire an electrician. Held to the wall light chrome details and in line rocker switch.

Best Quirky Style Wall Lights

Snake Wall Light if your style is bold and quirky then you’ll love the snake wall light by the prestigious heritage brand David Hunt Lighting. Exuding enigma, as it coils up the wall. The bronze textured finish is illuminated by the light. It’s not just a light its work of art.

Parrot wall light is cast in resin and finished in bronze by artisan craftsmen in Britain. Embrace the eccentric in your home with a lighting statement. It will certainly be a talking point with its stand out design. Parrots symbolise so many great things, intelligence and sociability. A tropical style will brighten your interiors, pair with bold colours and dramatic house plants. The intricate details in the feathers really are astonishing. A great blend of the real and surreal!

Best Modern Wall Lights

Link by Faro is a beautifully minimal design in matt black. A practical wall light that provides a focused, task light too.

Box by Globen, is a clever, multi-purpose lighting solution for your modern life. Fit with an integrated USB charger, shelf and storage space. Its design is distinctly designer, a rectangular open frame features a block detail towards the top. Finished in super trendy brick red for lively colourful interiors.

Best Glass Wall Lights

Horizon is an award winning wall light in olive green glass with gold accent. Made with mouth blown glass, designed by Susanne Nielsen of Ebb and Flow Lighting. You will love these lights if you’re into glass! There are many nature inspired subtle or vibrant palettes to choose from, with silver metallic centre if you prefer.

Rowan wall light is a perfect choice for living rooms with its blissfully blue hues. If you’re into natural look living spaces with a contemporary, calm atmosphere then the rowan wall light collection is you.

We hope you’ve found this helpful, do get in touch if you have a project on and need some advice.

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