Copper Lighting Best of British: The Essential Element of Design

Have you ever become transfixed with light?

For me, its the reflections of light that have a startling beauty. Have you ever watched the way copper warmly reflects light and glows with a mellow luminosity?

Today, Designer Lighting Company will show you some of our favourite copper lighting. Must have for luxuriously, cosy copper finish lighting home and hotel looks.

Artisan, hammered copper table lamps. To contemporary copper finishes, designed in Britain.

Some made here in the UK too. Reducing air miles and environmental footprint.

Copper captivates us. Like bees around a honeypot. The rich, rosy gold colouration glimmers with light reflections.

Industrial Nautical Coppers

This Summer, I visited an industrial-nautical style country hotel/bar. Positioned on the North Devon coast. The interior design instantly stood out!

(Admiral Collection by David Hunt Lighting. Top picture – antique copper finish. We’ve shown you the ones in brass too, to give you an idea of this industrial-nautical style light, for use outdoors.)

This country hotel was easily the most popular place to be, with a warm, convivial atmosphere.

You could hear people saying how exceptional the decor was since its recent refurbishment. News travels fast hey?

Adorned with eye catching copper lighting and industrial-marine interiors.

Was this the secret of their luxurious and inviting interior styling?

Hammered Copper Lighting

Copper is a must have element in every interior design scheme.

Hammered copper will not only add beautiful colour and light but texture, individual character and warmth. A complexion of light and shade.

Aztec Table Lamp by David Hunt Lighting | Artisan Hammered Copper

Aztec Hammered Copper Table Lamp by David Hunt Lighting.

Each indentation, individually hand-hammered. Made in Britain in the Cotswold’s with artisan skill and attention. Featuring a curvaceous obelisk stem with mottled, textured patina. It will soon become a treasured light and sculpture for your home.

Pictured above, the Rivet Table lamp by David Hunt Lighting.

Hand made artisan techniques have bestowed this lovely lamp with industrial style rivet details.

A burnished, brushed copper finish evokes an antique look.

Adding charm to modern homes or in older homes and cottages brings pools of ambient light to darker corners with mellow light.

Complete with an ivory silk shade and complimenting metallic copper inner. Radiates warm glows of light.

Magic Combination of Use and Beauty

Since its discovery in prehistoric times, that was it. Highly sought after for that magical combination of usefulness and beauty.

We read on Wikipedia that people have been using copper for at least 11,000 years.

Quite an incredible element, necessary for many cells and functions for our bodies and brains. Human well being too.

Did you know dark chocolate is a good source of copper? Dinner party conversation perhaps? I digress……

“The wise man… will not, with the miser, look to gold and silver as the only blessings in life; nor will he, with the cynic, snarl at mankind for preferring them to copper and iron. That which is convenient is that which is useful, and that which is useful is that which is valuable” Michael Faraday

An entire epoch in human history, the bronze age is named after an alloy of Copper. At a time when tools and weapons were created from bronze.

We’ve not looked back. Though the types of copper finishes are various and evolved, we’ll show you in a few moments.

Copper’s malleability and relative softness meant it could be hammered, which in turn, strengthens it.

British Designer Copper Lighting Original BTC

Stanley Pendant Light by Original BTC Lighting, made with hand spun, hammered copper. Add texture and character to your home.

Suspended with striking back cable. Helpful to tie together the lighting with other kitchen accessories, such as electronics and ovens.

The Stanley hammered copper pendant lights are an excellent choice for kitchen islands and dining rooms.

Think in threes for a balanced lighting look. Bestowing warm glows of light in interiors.

Think in Threes

There’s nothing like searching for the perfect little accessories to personalise your space.

Hunting for little treasures, finished in copper will accentuate your scheme. There is plenty out there for you to choose from, vases, candle holders, kitchen wear, artwork frames.

Black and green colour palettes look wonderful with copper, or try pastel shades. Choose powder blues, pale greens and dusty pinks for a more Scandinavian vibe.

Pair with Green plants for a lively and refreshing home, designer style!

A Resurgence of Copper Lighting

Copper Mega Pendant System Light

Tom Dixon kick started a resurgence of the copper lighting trend in interiors on a global scale.

A British, self taught designer with a strong international presence.

World Class Lighting Designs

Pictured above the extraordinary Mega Copper Pendant System Light in all its magnificence.

A defining artistic statement in any room. A mirrored, perfectly shiny copper surface.

Smaller, single and trio cluster lights feature in this curation too.

An attractive, iconic and instantly recognisable copper finish. The wide shade which looks great in combination with the round metallic shades.

An immersive design piece which reflects the surroundings with astonishing clarity. It exudes designer style and quality. A world class lighting design.

Copper Melt

Shown below is the Copper melt ceiling pendant light by Tom Dixon.

As you can see this pendant is a chameleon by nature.

When off a polished reflective surface mirrors surroundings. Once illuminated its surface becomes translucent.

It comes to life with a hive of fascinating, dynamic and galactic inspired light reflections.

As you change perspective, the reflections literally melt and transform with a fluidity. A truly immersive lighting design feat never seen before.

Pictured above is the Spot Pendant Light by Tom Dixon, quirky and simple with advanced features.

Integrated LED and thick cut glass which emits a pure, powerful light and a magnetic adjustable head, allows you to direct the light source in different positions. Made with a polished copper finish.

Spot is a versatile wall light in round and ob-round shapes which can be used on walls in Bathrooms for luxury copper spa bathrooms.

Clusters of Polished Copper Lighting

Pictured above is the Beads Octo cluster pendant light by Innermost.

A statement copper cluster ceiling light. Made from spun stainless steel and finished in bright, gleaming copper.

Light from inside, and natural daylight too will glisten from the polished copper surface. A captivating pendant light perfect for staircases, dining rooms and kitchens.

Innermost designers take a playful, innovative and by self admission, rebellious approach to design. A collective of of apt, forward thinking designers, based in London.

Or you could opt for a single light and group or suspend in rows, shown below.

Boule Copper Pendant Light , By Innermost design team.

We have a variety of metallic finishes. Shiny black, gleaming chrome and pure white gloss. As you can see, they look great when suspended in combinations. Ideal for over tables in bars and hotels or suspending at individual heights for an irresistible lighting installation style.

Satin Copper

Pictured above is the Chester wall light by Original BTC.

Hand made in Oxfordshire. A distinctive, smart, satin copper finish, made with immaculate attention to detail.

“Utilitarian, statement stripped back designs, united by a focus on longevity, craft and passion for pushing the boundaries of production” Original BTC official.

5 Reasons to Choose Copper Lighting

  • Easy to clean
  • Warm accent metal
  • Shiny and reflective
  • Plenty of complimentary accessories to match
  • Good with mix and match with other metals for an eclectic look

L.Frank Baum’s Land of Oz describes Tiktok the machine man, made of Copper from the Land of Oz……

“He stood perfectly still, and when the light struck upon his form it glittered as if made of pure gold”. Lyman Frank Baum: The Complete Oz Volume 1 (Wizard of Oz).

So, that’s a look at some of the best in beautiful British design copper lighting styles we have at Designer Lighting Company.

We hope you’re inspired to add the essential element of copper to your interior designs. Thank you for reading. If you’re looking for more copper lighting styles here’s a collection: Copper Lighting.

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