I Want it Painted Black: Dare to Go for Black Lighting

What could be stronger and bolder than a black lighting scheme? Nothing quite has the impact, intensity and mystery of pure black.

” I see a red door and I want it painted black

No colours any more I want them to turn black”

I want to see it painted, painted, painted, painted black”

Rolling Stones

Who knows once you make the bold and confident move to opt for black interiors what effects will spill into your everyday?

It suits the evening times so well, ambient, moody lighting atmospheres. At some point we’ve all heard the idea that white is a good choice, black not so, as it will not enhance the space they say…. hmm…….

So today, we’re putting the case forward for black lighting and interiors.

We may have a problem when designing rooms to strike a balance between what is trendy and what is timeless? Should we opt for the colour of the moment? Or more an enduring style?

Black solves this problem because it has a timeless quality while still modern.

It’s connotations are culturally specific in ancient Egypt it signifies life and rebirth, or in Africa maturity and masculinity (shutter stock source). In Chinese culture black is linked to water, a colour of heaven and the sky.

Each person is different, what is your relationship with black?

Black Beat Pendant Curation by Tom Dixon.

The black and gold brass subtly shouts luxury, contrast and majesty all at once. Golden light shines from the metallic brass inner.

Black, when paired with reflective metallic is a striking combination.

Hand-beaten by artisan craftsmen in Northern India its shape alludes to its Eastern origin, made by the same process traditionally used to make water vessels.

A variety of distinct, black, shapely silhouettes.

Touches of the Orient

Shown Above is the Missy Pendant by Globen. Pictured with the Missy Black Table Lamp. Green foliage compliments black interiors adding a freshness and vitality. While rattan material adds texture and pattern.

Black is often used in oriental style interiors, especially Japan.

It’s easy to fall for the nature-inspired touches of the orient by adding plants, pebbles, organic form and materials into your homes and venues that will bring a tranquillity to a space.

Tom Dixon’s Copper Black Round Ceiling Pendant has a lacquered gloss finish, typical of Bauhaus and Japanese interior schemes. The mirrored finish dynamically reflects its surroundings. Pictured with the Bell table Lamp in high shine, jet black.

High Contrast

Cool black tones, gloss black finishes and a sleek shape make up the LAO Floor Lamp by the much loved Faro lighting, Barcelona.

You can pair with white, cream and neural colour palettes in soft furnishings to add tonal contrast to interiors, so here’s a peek at some more of our favourite black and white lighting looks By Globen.

Above, black Globen Rondo ceiling pendant cluster light.

Oyster Modern Black Table Lamp by Forestier Paris designers. Emanates beautiful patterns and will tie any interior design scheme together with bold elegant patterns and shape.

Globen Box Wall Light in black metal. This wall light comes with an integrated USB socket and a space to neatly hold your phone, or personal, decorative touches.

Pictured above is three beautiful Faro PLUMA pendant lights in black and gold.

Why choose Black Lighting?

  • Adds sophistication and sharpness to a scheme
  • An empowering effect
  • Creates Drama and Theatre
  • Striking paired with contrasting white/reflective metallic
  • Ambient/mood lighting looks
  • Unifies a scheme such as TV’s electronics often in black finishes
  • Timeless
  • Works in both traditional and contemporary spaces
  • Highly suitable for evenings and relaxation

Thank you for reading, we hope you have enjoyed reading this blog!

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