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Lighting comes in all shapes and sizes, however colour or finish of the lights may well be the starting point to your search. Designer Lighting Company understands that the finished look matters we offer a gargantuan array of colours and material. There are some finishes that have a timeless quality such as Gold and others that are of the moment like feather or leather. Shopping by finish allows you to see a whole collection of lights of the same finish be it metallic, fabric, leather, stone, wood, or copper there will be a range of light fittings of the theme.


Trying to find light fittings to compliment your decor why not discover the range of finishes available at Designer Lighting Company, there are so many options. To give a little insight expect to see the Gold, Silver, Chrome and Copper metals and be delighted to seek out the more unusual weathered and aged effect too amidst boho silks and feather lampshades you can see leather, stone and even cardboard lights.

The choice of materials utilised in Designer Lighting is innovative and creative however sometimes you'll have a specific colour in mind and nothing else will do. If you dream of being able to buy a light in your choice of colour you'll be amazed to know you can. Being preferred brand partners affords us and in turn our customers plenty of options, if you want a light designed and made or Colour Customised Lighting especially for you let us know, we can often make lights in any colour. Browse Colour Customisable Lighting where you can create your own Light fitting, be your own lighting designer.