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Shop the best designer lighting looks by room type. We've got all rooms covered, from lighting perfect for kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, halls and study's. To Lighting safe for bathrooms and outdoor use too. We're your number one place to find the highest quality cherry picked lighting for rooms at home or in hospitality settings. 

Dining Room Lights

Dining rooms are such versatile spaces from formal to relaxed dining, working and entertaining. The lights you choose for your dining room can represent your personality, style and set the tone of the space. We have a variety of finishes from golden brass, copper, bronze, contemporary chrome, glass through to colour pops and wood for you to choose. Styles we have range from simple, retro, artisan lights to traditional lighting in opulent styles.

Kitchen Lights

Shop the best designer, luxury lights for kitchens at home or in hospitality settings. We have a cherry picked selection of ceiling lights, wall lights, table lamps and floor lamps perfect for kitchens. Available in a range of metallic finishes, bright colours, wood effect or china. Selected from the best designer lighting brands in so many styles such as retro, heritage and modern. Kitchens are such an integral part of the home where great lighting needs to be both functional and beautiful. Our kitchens are a hub of home life where you can cook, read and socialise too.

Bathroom Lights

Lighting safe for use in wet area's such as bathrooms, ensuite and shower rooms must have a suitable rating for the place you intend to use the light. Discover a great range of bathroom lights suitable for zone 1,2 and 3. Don't be confused Designer Lighting Company are here to help you choose the best bathroom lights.

Living Room Lights

Great living rooms have lighting that is just right. A clever combination of main, ceiling light, wall lights, floor and table lamps do the rooms interior design style justice, allowing you to see colour and detail. Whether you have an open plan or more intimate living space, we have a range of cherry picked, luxury designer lights here. Our living rooms are a space where we most express our personality and lighting can help define a rooms style and ambience. 

Bedroom Lights

Choose from a variety of the best, designer, lights here at Designer Lighting Company. Explore our cherry picked curation of bedside table lamps, wall lights, floor lamps, ceiling pendant lights and luxurious bedroom chandelier lights. 

Hallway Lights

Explore our collection of designer hallway lights for at home or hotels. Provide a warm and welcoming entrance ceiling light and illuminate dark hallways with essential, and decorative, wall lights. With a range of lighting to choose from, the opportunities to upgrade your hallway are endless.

Office Lights

Explore our designer brand collections of office lighting from desk lamps, ceiling lights, floor lamps and wall lights. High quality designer choices in a number of styles and finishes. Great lighting in offices and studies helps to maintain a productive, creative environment that is ergonomically considered and functional. You can choose from modern and LED integrated lighting choices to artisan and traditional styles. 

Outdoor Lights

Light your outdoor space paying special attention to the suitability of the lights in regard to exterior use. Outdoor Lights must be safe and have the correct Ingress Protection rating. Browse outdoor lights safe for exterior use rated as IP44. Designer Lighting Company range includes traditional and modern exterior lights for gardens, patio, front door lights and more.  


Choosing the best lighting for your room in the home or hospitality setting has never been easier. We have a selection of the best, luxury designer brand lights. You can shop by room whether you're looking for a table lamp, pendant light, chandelier, wall light or floor lamp for any room in the home, we are here. Suitable lighting perfect for bathrooms, gardens, kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms or study's.