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Lighting safe for use in wet area's such as bathrooms, ensuites and shower rooms must have a suitable rating for the place you intend to use the light. Discover a great range of bathroom lights suitable for zone 2 and 3. Whether you need a chrome bathroom wall light or a luxury bathroom ceiling light, Designer Lighting Company is the place for you. If you have any questions about bathroom lighting, please feel free to Contact Us for free lighting advice. If you are interested in learning more about bathroom lighting, please read our Little Book of Lighting: Bathroom Lighting

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Safety is important when water and electricity could potentially meet. Buying a bathroom safe light is a must and now a legal requirement and quite so as no-one should be able to risk accidentally electric shocking guests or family. Often the subject of bathroom lighting is confusing let us help you find the right light for your home. Who knew lighting the smallest are of the home would prove to be the most complex -it doesn't have to be that way Designer Lighting Company has splash proof lights suitable for zone 2 and 3. the lights we sell are IP rated and safe to use next to the wash hand basin above the bath or in the shower. 

Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes sometimes the tub has a shower above and sometimes these are separate this can mean you have multiple sources of water within the same room. There may be parts of the room no-where near water hence different area's or zones in that room need to be treated slightly differently. 

Zone 0 is right in the bath or in the shower cubical itself and a submersible light would be needed in these circumstanced and a separate RCD may also be needed. Consult a electrician before buying a light.

Want to know more about IP44 what it means and why it's important?

IP stands for Ingress Protection the first number in the code refers to ingress protection against particles like dust or bigger particle likes flies too! In a normal home you can ignore the first number it may as well be IPX4. The X denotes it doesn't matter unless you are a commercial industrial baker then the dust may be an issue and that number is important, but not for the rest of us. It's the second digit in the code that matters -thats the one that demonstrates the fitting is safe for bathroom use. It relates to water and steam ingress.

The second number relates to Ingress Protection in zone zero you'll need a high second digit, 8 is a high protection and 0 affords no protection.

Zone 1 is the area closest to water and IP in this are needs to be IPX4 

Zone 2 is the area reaching 2 foot or 60 centimetres around the perimeter of the bath and or shower unto a height of 7 foot 4.5 inches. Also   above the wash basin in a arch shaped radius of 2 foot. Choose IP44 within this area. 

Zone 3 is the furthest away from the water and any lights can be fitted here.