Between The Lines Lighting 

Between the lines is a fully immersive trend in lighting, inviting the observer to see through a sculpted framework to the space in between. In a world where we cannot always see between the lines, an open look is a antidote to the world of hidden unknowns.  

A style that is both strong and beautiful. Expect to see a plethora of pendant lamps, table and floor lamps in bold black, gold and white finishes. The framework surrounds the bulb. A real boon when there are so many delightfully shaped Edison lamps or filament bulbs to choose from. This allows your imagination to interact with design opening possibilities for personalising by showcasing of attractive filament bulbs.

We enjoy the patterns this makes within a space. The play of light and shadow intrigues, the negative space allows light to shine casting patterns onto ceilings and interior surfaces.A different vista is given when you look at the light fitment from various angles, adding a continuous dynamism and intrigue with a room. 

Perfect pendants for lighting stylishly over tables in kitchens or dining rooms, as the unobtrusive see-through lighting doesn’t block the view. We’d also suggest this style where you wish to create a light open airiness. Why not re-think bedrooms and living lighting with the addition of a lamp from the ‘between the lines’ selection. This will being a delightfully ambient lighting effect perfect for mood lighting a room. 

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